To Bastian photography is very much about the moment, just as much about capturing it as actually being in it. The act of taking the picture and the picture itself merges and transforms to a singular moment. The moment that is the photograph. This is true whether it’s a picture of a place or a person. In order to be able to transmit the experience you have to be in in, you have to be fully present. Therefore the approach is always the same, be it a portrait or a landscape. Full attention is payed to the object, thus ensuring not only a feeling of absolute presence, but also of respect. This is of course especially important when photographing people. In his travel photography this attitude manifests in the lack of objectification or “zoo-like” images and in his portrait work he always strives to convey a true representation of the person rather than a glossy make-believe fantasy image.

There is always warmth in Bastian’s pictures, even in the vast catalogue of photographs of deserted places there is a sense of something organic, that element of humanity. Of respect. But with a complete lack of make-up or adjustment. Bastian wants to show the beauty that already resides in nature and that this, in itself, is enough. That reality can be beautiful. The images are never arranged, never planned, it’s all just about the moment. It’s about showing life as it really is, as it manifests itself around us. Be it in the form of a deserted street in Mexico or a crowded bridge in Rishikesh. The emptiness and the crowd are both representations of the same thing.

Another major drive in Bastian’s work is the curiosity about life and this one of the reasons he enjoys the portrait part of his work. Whereas the documentations of nature and landscapes is an activity with very meditative aspects to it, photographing people requires a lot more interaction but also provides the privilege of getting an insight to people’s lives. Again something that can only be done by maintaining a genuine fundament of respect. The respect is also essential to achieve complete customer satisfaction, an aspect that is absolutely essential to Bastian in the portrait part of his work.

In regards to the technical aspects of photography Bastian has no preference in terms of analog or digital, but enjoys both techniques for what they individually have to offer. Such as the possibility offered by digital photography to make panoramas, something he has explored with images of various places around the world.