Bastian Thies was born 1975 in Hamburg (DE).

His first experience with photography was the consequence of a broken foot at a skateboarding camp in Spain at the age of 15. At that time it was just about fending of frustration and boredom, but it was the start of what would grow into a passionate avocation, and eventually a career.

Years later, on an early morning drive home, he was suddenly mesmerized by the beauty of the surroundings. Upon getting home he then borrowed his fathers camera, a Canon A1, and went to the Hamburg harbor and started taking pictures. And that was the real start of it all.

Soon after this experience he installed a darkroom in his home and even though he had to crouch down on the floor to work, he still spent hours in there learning the craft and developing his skills along with the pictures.

At that time the pictures were mostly of abandoned places. Places built by humans but that for some reason had been deserted. Be it by natural rhythm, such as in the series of night pictures, or by the passing of time. This theme still makes up an important part of Bastian’s work and he often strives to catch the moments where normally buzzing places, such as streets or squares, are suddenly void of all human activity.

In 2000 he did a series of night photos of the Hamburg S-Bahn. These photos where included as a part of the yearly Elbart exhibition in the old Elbtunnel in Hamburg.

In the next few years Bastian would have his work included in several exhibitions and publications in Hamburg, many in graffiti scene. His somewhat melancholic pictures and eye for the alternative beauty in our everyday surroundings caught the liking of the public and in 2002 he quit his day job and started working as a photographer full time.

In 2004 he moved to Berlin and got his first jobs as photo assistant. Being an autodidact these jobs presented a valuable learning experience for perfecting his own craft and he continued with these tasks till 2009.

Traveling has always been an important part of Bastian’s life and the documentations of these travels also make up an important part of his portfolio. Once told that he was wasting his life with these reoccurring adventures, Bastian has gone on to produced works that prove this statement utterly false. His portfolio of travel pictures is at the same time a declaration of love to the people and places he’s visited, and a solid display of his photographic skills. The last of these travels resulted in his Twin Lens 66 works from Mexico.